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Titel SIGN
Label WARP
Genre Techno/Minimal/Electronica
Format 1 x CD
Prijs E 18.95
ItemID 3375503
Pre/Suffix  WARPCD329
Releasedatum 16-10-2020
Voorraad ? Ja
Levertijd 3 dagen

2020. Electronix. U.K., Warp. As the devastating and the downright uncanny both become normalised, few things still have the power to surprise in 2020. That said, few would have expected Autechre to conjure up an album-length album, actually conceptualised and sequenced true to the format. The Rochdale-originated duos recent output consists of weighty folder dumps, marathon radio residencies and other swathes of experimental electronics, club deviations and wee-hours abstractions. These exciting, befuddling drops are often left raw and unsorted for fans to construct their own canons from the pairs extensive discography. Now relocated and working remotely from one another long before lockdown, Autechre have been mining away at a sound influenced more temporally than geographically: electro, bleep techno, funk and old-school hip-hop styles of the 80s and 90s continue to shape the direction of the Warp Records mainstays. It's the melodies that take prominence on Sign, a dense and viscous record with synthetic te
1. M4 Lema Listen in popup player
2. F7 Listen in popup player
3. si00 Listen in popup player
4. esc desc Listen in popup player
5. au14 Listen in popup player
6. Metaz form8 Listen in popup player
7. sch.mefd 2 Listen in popup player
8. gr4 Listen in popup player
9. th red a Listen in popup player
10. psin AM Listen in popup player
11. r cazt Listen in popup player

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