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Acceptance Mark
Label FILM
Genre Techno/Minimal/Electronica
Format 2 x LP
Prijs E 26.95
ItemID 2974586
Pre/Suffix  FILMLP3
Releasedatum 29-09-2017
Voorraad ? Nee
Levertijd 15 dag(en)

2017. Electronica; Following a much hyped Soundcloud profile (inc. favourited tracks by AFX) Brainwaltzera turns in a stunning debut album of melancholic electronica and head-squashing acid for Film, quite surely the closest grasp to the authentic, original braindance feeling. If you have ever moved to the funky acid stuff of Luke Vibert, taken an extended holiday within the Boards of Canada, or found yourself lost in the throes of a heavy session taking Drukqs than this is THEEE record for you. Having caused the masses of those plugged into the Film Recs axis to almost break their fingers by hitting the keys on the underground electronica forums so hard with excitement when Film seemingly, out of nowhere dropped the Aescoba EP. Brainwaltzera's debut makes good on its promises by arriving with all the nostalgic forward motion punch of a Boards Of Canada industrial metal album. Yet make no mistake, the mission here isn't to look back and pick over the past with a glazed expression and lust for a time long gone

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