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Artiest MOBY
Titel PLAY
Label MUTE
Genre Pop
Format 1 x CD
Prijs E 6.45
ItemID 2917734
Pre/Suffix  2561172
Releasedatum 28-02-2017
Voorraad ? Nee
Levertijd 12 dag(en)

1999. Alternative Dance. The great iconoclast of techno returns with a smooth, sacred, and exhilarating record. Play's concoction of breakbeat rhythms, ambient mixology, and inspired blues and gospel samples cry out across musical genres and histories, imparting a time-tested wisdom to beat-driven ears. Moby's devout faith--in both God and his own musical whims--give this approach a sort of legitimacy that another, less sincere artist would never have. That sincerity reverberates through the beats and instrumental eclecticism like a pulse. The soulful refrains and proclamations in "Find My Baby" and "Natural Blues" somehow nestle between straight-up dance-floor rave-ups ("Bodyrock") and melt-in-your-mouth ambience ("Inside") with an effortless grace. Moby reaches across his turntables and finds something pure--almost organic. In fact, the album feels more natural than techno is ever supposed to feel, more spiritual than what DJs are supposed to be able to muster, and more alive than it has any right to be.
1. Honey Listen
2. Find My Baby Listen
3. Porcelain Listen
4. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Listen
5. South Side Listen
6. Rushing Listen
7. Bodyrock Listen
8. Natural Blues Listen
9. Machete Listen
10. 7 Listen
11. Run On Listen
12. Down Slow Listen
13. If Things Were Perfect Listen
14. Everloving Listen
15. Inside Listen
16. Guitar Flute & String Listen
17. The Sky Is Broken Listen
18. My Weakness Listen

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