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Artiest SOHN
Label 4AD
Genre Techno/Minimal/Electronica
Format 1 x CD
Prijs E 17.90
ItemID 2517139
Pre/Suffix  CADCD3403
Releasedatum 03-04-2014
Voorraad ? Nee
Levertijd 28 dag(en)

2014. Electronix / Minimal. The Vienna-based, London-born producer SOHN is one of the more high profile examples of new artists whose vocabulary of R&B was formed almost entirely during the few months between the release of James Blake and House of Balloons-Blakes vocal abstractions and hiccuping rhythms, the inelegantly wasted atmosphere of the Weeknd, with just enough outside that frame to foster a "nature vs. nurture" argument: Bon Ivers subtle tweaking of Auto-tune, the monastic purity of How to Dress Well, and the vague appreciation of Sade. Just about the only thing sourced from more than five years ago is the occasional Timbaland beat as heard from the PBR&B O.G., Junior Boys Last Exit. Give Christopher Taylor this, he probably made a few good mixes back in the day. But good taste is a crucial quality for music supervisors and owners of clothing boutiques, not necessarily songwriters. Which is just as well, since Tremors seems desperately wanting for the approval of the former two groups. As producer,
1. Tempest Listen in popup player
2. The Wheel Listen in popup player
3. Artifice Listen in popup player
4. Bloodflows Listen in popup player
5. Ransom Notes Listen in popup player
6. Paralysed Listen in popup player
7. Fool Listen in popup player
8. Lights Listen in popup player
9. Veto Listen in popup player
10. Lessons Listen in popup player
11. Tremors Listen in popup player

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