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Artiest MOKIRA
Label TYPE
Genre Techno/Minimal/Electronica
Format 1 x CD
Prijs E 19.90
ItemID 1717670
Pre/Suffix  TYPE47
Releasedatum 23-04-2009
Voorraad ? Nee
Levertijd 6 dag(en)

2009. Ambient. The gentle swells of lo-fi loops and and breathing atmospherics set the tone for Mokira's eighth full-length album. After previous releases on a roster of labels, a Stockholm-based Swedish sound sculptor, Andreas Tilliander returns to Type Records with Persona. Tilliander introduced us to his Mokira moniker with his debut, Cliphop, on Raster-Noton. His glitchy hip-hop sound has landed him on Mille Plateaux, where Tilliander continued to contribute towards the 'clicks & cuts' genre. But for Type, Tilliander has been stripping away the beats [but not the rhythmic structure], and focusing more on ambient textures that let the music flow organically through analog and digitally processed layers. Starting from the first track, the disintegrating repetitions of drony re-sampled pads instantly remind me of works by William Basinski, tape hiss and all, while the gentle onslaught of incoming harmonic frequencies are reminiscent of works by Tim Hecker and Vladislav Delay. The dull, murky, and thick rever
1. ABOUT LAST STEP AND SCALE Listen in popup player
2. LORD, AM I GOING DOWN? Listen in popup player
3. CONTOUR Listen in popup player
4. VALLA TORG KRAUT Listen in popup player
5. OSCILLATIONS AND TREMOLO Listen in popup player
6. ODE TO THE ODE TO THE STREET HASSLE Listen in popup player
7. INVITATION TO LOVE Listen in popup player

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